Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday!?!?

Sayler Jayler...YOU.ARE.1!!!! What a year it has been my sweet pea.  You are turning into such a big girl and entertain your Daddy and I every minute of the day.  You had a big birthday party and Mommy will post an entire blog on it and the fun day we had celebrating YOU!!!

November 19, 2009

November 19, 2010

Baby Girl...you have some serious sassafrass...and I love it!!!  You are such an independent, curious, sweet, smart little girl and being your Mom is the best thing I have ever done in my life.  Here are a few things you have been up to this month:

  • Well the number one milestone on the list is you are officially a full time walker.  You had been taking a few steps here and there, walking from one piece of furniture to the next, but to get anywhere you would always settle on crawling.  I don't know what happened on November 9th...but you made the decision that day that you were going to walk...EVERYWHERE!!!  Now even when you fall down you will not crawl. You pick yourself up and dust yourself off and get right back up and take off again.
  • You have added several words to your vocabulary you are saying:
    • Mama
    • Dada
    • Nana
    • Papa
    • Thank you (dat doo)
    • This (dis, dis, dis, dis...you say it over and over again and point at things hoping we will give you something...anything.  Most recently...M&M's :)
    • Hot (signing too)
    • More (signing too)
    • Nice
  • You are still a very good eater and love your fruit.  You will eat most anything we put in front of you.  You still take a bottle but we will wean you off of it and transition you yo whole milk after the holidays. You drink water from a sippy cup all the time so I am not too worried about the change.
  • You have started holding a baby doll and rocking them back and forth and singing the "Baby Signing Time" song. It is the sweetest thing in the world.
  • You love to wander aroung the house and get into your favorite places.  You are WAY into the pantry and Mommy and Daddy's shower.  You climb in and out of the shower over and over again and pull our sponges down off of the faucet.  You get so excited and run around in the shower shouting (you like to hear your voice echo).
  • You are OBSESSED with babies...OBSESSED!!!  There are two 7 month old babies at daycare and you love to go up to them and stroke their little heads and say "niiiiccccceeee" or "ah dah dah dah dah."  Whenever you see someone you think is a baby (even if they are older than you...ha!) you squeal with delight and make a b-line over to them to to give them some love.
  • You love to dance and whenever you hear the Apple iPad commercial, or the Samsung commercial with the song "Hey ey, hey ey ey ey, hey ey ey ey...tonight." You run to the ottoman and hold onto put your hands on it and bounce your little booty up and down to the beat.  Sometimes Daddy and I will start singing, "go Sayler, go Sayler, go Sayler, go Sayler...go. go. go. go. go. go. go!!!"  And you smile and start doing your little dance.  It is ADORABLE!!!
  • You have totally regressed when it comes to your sleeping...but I still think you are a fabulous sleeper.  You go to bed awake and I give you your blankies ("beeks" of which you say "dzzzzz, dzzzz, dzzzz, dzzzz" when you want them) tell you I love you and walk out the door.  You don't even make a peep and fall asleep all by yourself. You do usually wake up once in the night and scream at the top of your lungs until your Dad or I come and rescue you.  But start to finish it is about 20 minutes until you are back asleep and you sleep until about 7:45 every morning. So I am just going to relax about it and know that you will eventually sleep through the night. I actually like snuggling with you in the middle of the night for a little while longer.
You have grown and changed so much in your first year.  You are such a sweet, smart, curious, serious, intense, silly, sassy little girl and I am so proud to be your Mommy.  I say to you every night, "How did Mommy get so lucky that God gave me the best baby He ever created?"  And I truly feel like I won the lottery with you my love.

Can't wait to see what year number 2 has in store for you little Miss!!!

Love you to the moon and back,