Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maesyn is 4 Months Old!!!

Your sister at 4 months old

Maesyn Sidney Doss...  You are 4 months old!!!

Weight:  15.6 lbs. - 75th percentile

Height: Not sure...we will have to wait to get you measured Thursday at your 4 month appointment. (So you measured 24.75 inches! 75th percentile)

Eating: 4 ounces every 2-3 hours. You take around 6 oz. in the middle of the night...we have been putting rice cereal in your night bottle (gasp!!!...Mommy war types...resist your urge to comment on how terrible it is for her...we're good). 

Sleeping:  You are getting into a groove at Ms. Dana's house taking about an hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour na in the afternoon and then a few cat naps in between.  You are exhausted when I pick you up and almost every night you have fallen asleep in the car on the way home and then sleep for about 20 minutes in your car seat once we get home.  I have no idea what is going on with your night time sleeping but you are all over the map girl!!!  I told your Daddy last night that I thought you were trying to kill me via sleep deprivation...you were up like 4 times in the night!!!  Not sure what was troubling you muffin...but from now on let's try and get all of your grievances worked out during business hours kay?

What you like: You still love for people to get right up close to you and talk to you.  You  love when your Daddy talks to you and calls you his Boozer girl...you smile from ear to ear.  We just put you in the jumperoo for the first time last weekend and you LOVE it!!!  And I am so surprised at how long you will play in it without getting fussy.  You will play contently for up to 30 minutes and your Daddy and I just laugh at how strong you are.  Your legs and neck and back are so solid and strong!!! You have also started attempting to hold your bottle...so funny!  You are serious about your food girl :)

What you don't like: Anyone walking away from you when you are lying on your Boppy pillow/Mommy's bed/bouncy seat etc.  Having your diaper changed at night and getting re-swaddled.  You do not care who's sleep you are disturbing...you scream to the high heavens.  Your sister never cried in the middle of the night...she would just fuss a little bit...so I can't wait to see how this personality trait develops :)  Not sure if I can handle much more diva than your sister is bringing to the party!!!

You are such a sweet and easy going baby.  You love being around people and are so curious about everything.  We could just eat you with a spoon baby girl...and can't wait to see you every morning where you greet us with the biggest smile God ever created!!!

Love you Maes,
Your Mama

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Without You

A year ago today...this happened

And a year later...this is what we have because of that little digital word up there

How could we have ever known how we would be forever changed by this baby girl...

I heard a song today and it made me think of my love, my life, my Channing.  Without you babe...this life would still be a part of my dreams, and not my daily reality

I know the lyrics aren't a 100% fit...but the main stuff...it's how I feel about you (disregard the parts about being a famous country singer that is a dude :)

You're just my favorite thing...thanks for a great year.

Love you more...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Out of the mouth of Say!!!

Sayler Jaye Doss...you.are.funny!!!  here are some funny things you have been saying and doing lately:

  • You always want to make sure we know what emotions you are having. So the other day you walked up to me arms crossed across your chest and face all scowled up and said, "Mommy...you make-ah me mad!!! See my face?" then you pointed in between your eyebrows to show how furrowed it was and said, "my face is mad at choo!!!"
  • Sayler "Mama!!!  I got an owe-ee!!!" Me: "You did? How?" Sayler: "Ummm...Maesyn pushed me down the stairs."
  • "Daddy...I got booty shorts on!" Then her Dad almost had a stroke.
  • You have trouble saying words that have double o's (book, cookie) and I love to hear you say these words.  They sound like this: "Mama can you read me some burkes?" Or "Mama...can I have a curkie?"  Nothing cuter than 2 year old speech impediments :)
  • "Mama...me and you are in charge and we da boss. Daddy not da boss...Daddy doesn't know. Right?"
  • "Maesyn Sidney Doss...you're not gonna do any of dat fuss-a-fuss-a-fuss!!!"
  • You love to know who gave you things and are always asking, "Who div me dis?" The other day you asked your Dad and he said, "Your Aunt Bunny gave you that." (we all call my Aunt Vonnie, Aunt Bunny...always have). So you came running out to find me carrying this bear and said, "Mama!!!  Mama!!!  My honey bunny div me dis!!!" Heart melted for sure.
  • "Mama...let's get some Mickey goin'."  You say this when you want me to turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Whenever you go to open the door to the toilet in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom you put your hand over your nose and mouth covering them completely.  I asked you why you were doing that and you said, "Cuz Daddy stinks!!!"
I really need to write these down when they happen because there are a million more.  Your Dad and I just laugh and laugh all day long at the funny things you say and do. You are surely our entertainment and we just love you to pieces my sweet, sassy 2 and 1/2 year old drama queen :)

Love you birdie,

Monday, July 2, 2012

Maesyn is 3 months old!!!

Your Sister at 3 Months

Maesyn Sidney Doss...  You are 3 months old!!!

Weight:  14.6 lbs. 

Height: Not sure...we will have to wait to get you measured next month at your 4 month appointment.

Eating: 4 ounces every 2-3 hours. You take around 6 oz. in the middle of the night. And I keep waiting for you to give up your nightly "snack" but for now we are still meeting for some girl talk every night around 2:30 or 3:00am :)

Sleeping:  We are getting you prepped for going to daycare but it hasn't been to successful!  You will not sleep for more than 20 minutes unless you are lying on me (the only exception being at night). So I guess we will see how it goes at Ms. Dana's starting next week. One lesson I learned going through this same thing with your sister is that you will act COMPLETELY different at daycare than you do at home. So fingers crossed that you won't be a complete fuss bucket the entire time you are at daycare every day!  

What you like: You love to be talked to face to face. You are always trying to look at everyone and turn your head to follow us when we walk around the room.  You have started cooing and squealing and I cannot get enough of it.  You mimic your Dad and I when we make high pitched noises and it is the sweetest sound I have ever heard. You also now recognize your bottle and what it means.  When you see it getting prepared you get so excited and start flapping your arms all around.  Today I fixed a bottle for you and then I sat it down while I walked with you to another room to get something.  Once we got into the other room you lost your mind and started screaming to the high heavens!  It was hilarious.  You were like, "Oh you're gonna tease me like that? Not cool Mama!!!"

What you don't like: Anyone walking away from you when you are lying on your Boppy pillow/Mommy's bed/bouncy seat etc.  You get so mad until I get back in front of you and then you smile from ear to ear.  You also have decided you hate driving in the car (praying to sweet baby Jesus you will out grow this before we take an 8 hour road trip to Little Rock in September). It isn't your car seat that is the problem as I can buckle you in and you are happy as a clam. But the minute I snap that seat into the base you start to fuss, fuss, fuss!!!  Good thing we aren't in the car for very long each day!

Maesyn you are my little "boozers" (not sure how you got that nickname but you did and it has stuck...though Sayler calls you "Beezers") sending you to daycare next week is going to be so tough for your Mama (I'm tearing up and my throat is tightening just typing it out right now). These 16 weeks I have spent falling in love with you have been some of the most precious of my life. I have spent days on end with you lying on me sleeping so sweetly your chubby little face getting all sweaty against my chest and your sweet little baby snores made my heart melt. I just can't begin to tell you how much I am going to miss spending my days snuggling you and smelling your sweet babyness.  You are my sweet little ray of sunshine and I will never forget these sweet days nesting together.  I know the new chapter will be special too...but it is hard closing this one. I love you Mae Mae Doss and am so lucky to be your Mama.

Love you Boozers,
Your Mama