Friday, May 10, 2013

Maesyn at 9, 10 and 11 months old

My Sweet Sweet Mae Mae - 

I have had this blog post in a draft status for months now and I have not posted it yet so I figured it was time to get down to business and tell you :)

9 Months
  • You started crawling this month just shortly after Sayler's 3rd birthday but before Thanksgiving. Once you got the hang of it you were going everywhere...FAST!
  • You, Sayler and Mommy were so sick over Christmas. We all 3 had terrible colds and fevers and you just wanted to be held and rocked. I felt so bad for you...but Nana loved getting to snuggle your little feverish self for hours and hours on Christmas Day.
  • You're around 20 lbs and 33 inches tall.
  • Still drinking formula and you love your ba ba's.
  • You are exclusively eating table food and go back and forth about what you like. Some days you love fruit and other days you won't touch it! You're definitely keeping me on my toes.
  • You love your sissy and one of the fist things you started saying was "Hi dih dee!" (Hi sissy).

10 Months Old

  • You're really moving now and pulling up to stand on everything. You're not cruising yet but want to get everywhere your sister is so it's not far off :)
  • You have started sleeping through the night pretty regularly...hallelujah! You love your room and your crib and snuggle up with your bee bee (pink fleece blanket) and sleep all night.
  • You're so funny and you know it!  You love making people laugh and when you see that they are laughing you do whatever it was you were doing again and again. I'm fully prepared for you to be the class clown!
  • You love pulling books off of shelves...LOVE.IT!!!  It would be your full time job if there weren't laws against babies working 9-5. You crawl into your sister's room and pull all of the books off of her shelves over and over again. Or you climb into the kitchen and pull the cook books off of the kitchen shelf.  If we can't find you we know exactly where to look...where the books are!

11 Months Old

  • You are I think it is hilarious! I love watching you explore and do things your sister never would have dreamed of doing! You open cabinets I don't think your sister has ever tried to open to this day. You climb up the stairs and won't stop even when I tell you no no. You are FEARLESS!!!  It scares me to death but also makes me smile. You are definitely your own person Miss Mae Mae and we have our hands full for sure.
  • You are so entertained with the older kids at daycare.  But you are not intimidated by them at all. You get right in the mix and want to be where the action is.
  • You think it is hilarious when it is windy outside and the wind blows in your face. You smile and laugh every time it happens.
  • You love screaming with your sissy. Whenever she squeal at the top of your lungs!!!  You just chase each other around (her running you crawling) ans try to out scream one another :)  My ears are annoyed but my heart just smiles!

Maesyn I love you more than I ever thought possible. I love to kiss your sweet face and bury my nose in your neck and smell your sweet baby smell. I never knew how much my life was missing until you showed up smack in the middle of it. You are my sunshine Boo Boo...<3 and="" back="" moon="" p="" the="" to="" you="">