Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swing Low...Sweet Baby Girl

Sayler Jaye-
You are 23 weeks today...growing and changing every day. They say you are the size of a papaya and that your beautiful little face has fully formed except for all of the chub that will inevitably round out your cheeks!!! Mommy and Daddy went to see Dr. Livingston this morning to check and see how you are growing in there. The medical student working alongside Dr. Livingston put the hand held doppler on mommy's belly way up over my belly button...mommy started to giggle and said, "Oh no...she is not up there...she likes to hang out way down here." Then mommy showed her where you like to snuggle in about 2-3 inches below my belly button and sure enough there was your heartbeat ticking away!!! Mommy is carrying you SO LOW that when I sit down you are sitting right where my body bends...and you do not like it one bit. You just kick and squirm until I move my position.

Speaking of the kicking Daddy and I had quite an experience with you last night. You were kicking and kicking me...nothing would settle you down. So Daddy suggested we take a short walk to see if you would settle down a little. It was about 8:45 pm and dark already...but we decided to go on a short walk around the neighborhood. Mommy just had flip flops on and we were about 10 minutes away from our house when it started POURING down rain!!! Baby girl we were drenched from head to toe. Mommy and Daddy were laughing so hard as we were trying to get back to the house...mommy had to take off her flip flops so she didn't slip and fall, and her mascara was running down here face and she looked like a raccoon running down the street in the rain!!! Daddy and I said we would remember that night forever and laugh about it for years and years. You are already giving us so many memories sweet girl.

Your room is coming together and is so cute. Mommy is almost finished painting the flowers on your dresser and your crib set should be delivered soon. We can't wait for it to be already for you in November. Dr. Livingston said today that if Mommy is progressing he would not be opposed to inducing me up to a week before your due date (November 25th). So that would make Mommy very happy...as we would not be stuck in the hospital for Thanksgiving!!! And I could bring my own little turkey home to her house!!!

Well that is it for this week Little Miss...we love you to the moon!!!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am a sucky blogger!!!

OK I am just gonna admit it...I SUCK!!! I really thought I would be better at this but I have not lived up to that expectation at all!!! So I am turning over a new leaf and am going to update my blog weekly. If nothing more than to keep a record of my pregnancy so I can look back and see what that little jumping bean was doing in her own personal bounce house my womb!!!
So here I am at 18 weeks (about 3 weeks ago):

So here is what you have been doing for the last few weeks Miss Priss:

  • On June 30th we went to our ultrasound and the radiologist told us you were a GIRL!!! Mommy was so shocked and got tears in her eyes. I could not believe God had blessed me with a little girl of my own. I am still on cloud nine thinking about all of the fun we will have together. Daddy was SO happy and he thought you were a girl from the start...we both hugged and cried once the Dr. left the room. From that moment we knew our lives would never be the same...and your Daddy knew he was outnumbered!!!
  • We gave you a name. At first we were going to keep your name a secret...but Aunt Michelle had already figured it out as we had told her last summer the names we liked for a girl and a boy...and wouldn't you know she remembered. So we decided to share your name with special family and friends. Your name is: Sayler Jaye Doss. I have liked the name Sayler since I read somewhere that Christy Brinkley's daughter was named Sailor. I just wasn't thrilled with the spelling so I switched it up a bit...both Daddy and I LOVE your name. Jaye is your middle name and it is precious to me. Mommy has a best friend that has been my best friend since I was a little girl. Her name is Johna Jaye...and God took her to heaven nearly 3 years ago. Mommy misses her SO much and wanted to give you a little piece of her...and hopefully some of her spunk (I may regret that statement in a few years :) I told Johna's Mom and sister Jess about your special middle name and they were thrilled. Everyone is just SO excited to meet you and see your sweet face.
  • Kicking, kicking, kicking!!! I think you are going to be the next Shawn Johnson and bring home gold in gymnastics!!! Either that or a Rockette... Ha!!! Ever since about 16 weeks or so I have been feeling you kick...but I really didn't know in the beginning if it was you or just my wishful thinking. It would happen every few days and wasn't really very consistent. But ever since the Dr. told us you were a girl you have been kicking up a storm!!! Some days I swear you are trying to kick yourself out of there. You are the most active between noon and 4, and then in the evenings until about 9pm. Last Friday, I was laying on the couch and had my hand on my belly. You kicked so hard that I felt it from the inside and the outside. I sent Daddy a text and he was SO excited. Now he tries to feel your kicks too...but you decide not to perform whenever he puts his hand on Mommy's belly (this causes Mommy some concern as well...hoping these protests will not become regular occurrences when "you're on the outside" which is what Daddy says. I tell him that is what you say about prisoners that are released...but you can't tell him anything).
  • You are already being spoiled. Mommy and Daddy bought your crib and nursery furniture last weekend and have put two pieces together. Hopefully the dresser will get put together without Mommy and Daddy wringing each others' necks...we did GREAT on the changing table and crib. We have also bought you so many cute outfits for next summer. All of the "summa clothes" are on sale right now and we are scooping them up. Grandma also bought you a diaper Genie and some sweet outfits. Aunt Vonnie had 2 outfits waiting for you too...one was a cute duckie outfit that I can't wait to get you in. Grandma's good friend Jody Dworak made you the sweetest baby sling and diaper bag. The diaper bag had all of the pockets embroidered with their own label (diapers, wipes, ointments, extra outfits, etc.). It is the cutest thing ever!!! I just LOVE it!!! I also got to bring home some precious keepsakes that I asked for after your Great Grandma Marion passed away over 12 years ago. I knew someday I would have a baby girl...and I wanted to put these things in her nursery. I spent many hours of my childhood staring at the picture and basin set that my Grandma had in her home...and I wanted you to spend your childhood looking at them too.
    Here are some pictures to show you how we are preparing for your arrival:

So the bottom line baby girl is that we are counting down the days until we get to see your sweet face. Your Daddy and I are SO in love with you!!!