Monday, October 1, 2012

Maesyn is 5 months Old!!! And 6 months old...oops!!!

Maesyn...You are 5 Months Old!!!

Your Sister at 5 Months Old

And through the power of the are now 6 Months old!!!

 And here is your sister at 6 months old

Mae...Mommy is a loser!  I am so sorry I have fallen behind on your updates.  It's not because they are not is because I am a loser!!!  So here is a little bit about what you have been up to for the last 2 months of your sweet little life!!!

Weight:  17.8 lbs. - 70th percentile

Height: 27 1/4 inches - 90th percentile.  You are going to be a string bean like your sissy :)

Eating: You still eat small amounts at shorter intervals than your sister did.  You take several 4 oz. bottles during the day and then a larger bottle at bed time.  We have tried giving you solids a few times and you are getting much better about actually swallowing the food instead of spitting it out...but we have not have been on top of it like we should be.  Mommy needs to start getting you on at least 1 meal a day with your veggies. There is no doubt about one thing LOVE your puffs!!!  You can feed them to yourself and when they run out you holler like someone stole something!!!    It is hysterical how mad you get when we are not delivering the puffs fast enough for your liking.  We have also switched to giving you oatmeal cereal as there has been an arsenic warning with rice cereal here in the states.  I spoke with Dr. Marx about it and though the risk is remote she said if you could tolerate the oatmeal we should try that.  So we did and you have seemed to like it.  I will be ready for you to be able to eat "normal" table food as jarred food is messy and kind of a pain.  But that is where we are for now...I know you are going to love trying all of these new yummy treats!

Sleeping: So I am just going to call a thing a thing here baby's pretty bad these days. You are sleeping like a 6 week old rather than a 6 month old. Some nights you wake up every.hour.on.the.hour.  Help me baby Jesus!!!  I talked with Dr. Marx about it and she thinks you are to young for full on sleep training...but that we need to start putting you to sleep drowsy and try and let you fall asleep on your own.  The problem don't!  You just flip over on to your back and flail around playing with your feet.  If you are sleeping through the night by the time you are a year old I will be doing a happy dance.  Good thing you are so stinkin' cute ;)

What you like: We already talked about the obsession with puffs.  You also have started loving your "bee-bee" a pink chenille blanket you love to hold on to when you sleep. You LOVE your sister and love when she pays attention to you and gets right up in your face. Unfortunately you pull her hair most every time she she is gun shy from getting to close to you these days. Can't say I blame her!  You also love chewing on anything you can get your hands on.  You had been working on your two bottom teeth for months and they finally both popped through around September 15th.  You look so cute with your 2 little teeth popping out...but those bad boys pack a punch and my fingers have been taking their abuse!!! We have just started putting you in the walker Nana bought for your sissy.  We call it "the car" and you just love that you can make yourself move places and aren't just stuck on your back lying down or in the jumperoo.  You aren't sitting independently yet, but you can balance yourself for a few seconds so I know it won't be long.  I don't want to try and push these milestones any faster as I know one day I will look up and you will be running around the house chasing after your big sister and I will long for the days when you were just my little chubby baby sitting on my lap.

What you don't like: You don't like getting strapped into your car seat.  And when you get tired or hungry you fuss a little bit but honestly you are the happiest smiliest baby most of the time.  You love hanging out with Mommy and Daddy and being in the mix with your big sissy.


The past 6 months have been the fastest of my life and I just wish I could push pause for a couple of weeks and catch my breath. I am so in love with you Maesyn Sidney Doss...and I can't believe God picked me to be your Mama.  I am blessed with the 2 most amazing, beautiful, sweet, lovely daughters and I am just so grateful.  You are the light of our lives and we can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring.

Love you to the moon and stars Maesey...