Thursday, May 19, 2011

18 months

My sweet Say kind of hurts to write this tonight.  A good hurt.  A hurt because you are mine and you are growing up right before my eyes and it is wonderful and painful and exhilarating and scary and hilarious and miraculous and humbling and frustrating and blessed all at once like a beautiful tornado that is you.

You my sweet, sassy, careful, curious, smart, shy, kind, stubborn, precious baby girl.  The one who God chose to make me a Mama.  You blow my mind girl. You teach me something new every day. You have changed me. And I cannot express to you how much you mean to me.  Your life is the miracle of mine. And if someday when you're 14 and hating me because I won't let you have a boyfriend for 2 more years and you feel like I just don't understand you or care about your feelings I want you to read this and know that I love you with a love that can handle the fact that you will hate me sometimes...and that's ok. Because I love you enough to get us through the times when you feel like I don't. 

Oh, and 14 year old Sayler? 

Don't even think about wearing that skirt you have hidden in the back of your closet.

I found it.  

And burnt it.

Mama loves you baby!  Mwah!!!

Now let's get back to the present so Mama doesn't have to start drinking her special "medicine" thinking about you dating.

Here are some things about you at 18 months old...

  • Playing outside "ow wide"

  • Birdies "bir-bees"
  • Your new slide "side"

  • Swinging "wing-wing" (you would swing in the middle of a blizzard if we let can't get enough)

  • Elmo...major love affair going on here.  You ask to watch Elmo 10 times a day and if you are watching it on t.v. you also ask to watch it on our phones.  You will bring Mama or Daddy the phone and say "Ay, dee, cees" or "La, la, la" as you love the Elmo video's where he sings ABC's and Elmo's Song.
  • Going to Ms. Dana's.  For this I am so grateful and you will never understand how grateful until you are a Mama and you have to trust someone to love on your baby when you can't.  You run to the door in the morning and say "Nay-Na?"  Even on the weekends you will ask to go see "Nay-Na" and I think you are bummed when we tell you that you aren't going that day :)
  • Cookies - Oreo's are your new favorite.  You are no pull the 2 halves apart and give me the side with no icing! Ha!

  • LOVE to read books and it is amazing to me how much you can identify when we play the "what's this?" game.  You learn and grow every single day and it!

  • Cheese - you love you some shredded cheese girl!  You would eat it all day every day if I let you.  You make a HUGE mess whenever you eat it and I find myself finding pieces of cheese all over the house for days...but I give it to you whenever you ask for it cuz you're my baby!
  • Your blankie/beek/bee bee. It is the wind beneath your wings.  You go nowhere without it and it comforts you like no one else can.  I am a huge fan of the beek...and eternally indebted to it for stopping a fit in it's tracks on many occasions.

Things you DON'T love:
  • Getting dressed/undressed/diaper changed/hair brushed/teeth brushed/face wiped...basically anything related in any way to grooming.  You are not a fan and avoid me like the plague when you see me coming with a diaper and wipes!
  • Getting strapped in your car seat.
  • Bath - at least you are consistent.  You have hated it since the day you were born.  Now you are petrified of getting water or soap in your eyes as I think one night a few months back you did get some soap bubbles in your eyes that stung a little bit (just bubbles mind you...not acutal soap) but no are not having any of it and the minute your toes hit the water you start trying to find a way out of the tub yelling "eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes!" the entire time.  At first I felt awful about you getting soap bubbles in your eyes.  Not so much anymore :)  We just try to get through it any way we can with a smile on our face...but I may start wearing ear plugs at bath time because baby've got a set of lungs on you!!!  I'm hoping someday soon you will start to like your bath...but if not no biggie!
(notice the fudgecicle in your hands in the tub...the only reason you have a half grin on your sweet face)
  • Coming inside...(disaster).  I know people thing we must be poking you with hot pokers as we drag you in the door kicking and screaming every night.  We never have to wonder what you are feeling that is for sure!
Your STAT's

  • You weigh about 25 lbs
  • You are about 33 inches tall
  • You wear 18 month clothes and a size 6 shoe
  • You wear a size 4 diaper
  • You have a mouth full of teeth and are currently cutting all 4 of your "I" teeth...ouch :(
  • Your hair is getting so long.  When it is wet it goes way past your shoulder blades.  From the top of your head it is probably 6-7 inches long root to end.
Funny things you do:

  • You are so polite and say thank-you "dat doo" about 100 times a day.  You will always find anything that is lying around and will bring it to me and say "dat doo Mama."  I love it so much.  You are also saying please "peeees." I love me some manners and it makes me so proud when you use them.
  • You are curious about Mama's "boobies" and will pull open my shirt and look down it and say, "boobies?" and I will respond, "yes those are Mommy's boobies."  You will then look up at me and say, "ooooohhhhhhhhh."  Hilarious.  The other night when I was rocking you at bedtime you looked down my shirt and said, "Nigh, nigh boobies."  I almost fell out of the chair laughing!
  • Whenever we get the camera out and point it at you you will automatically say "chhheeeeeessssseeee!"
  • You love to give Mama and Daddy a pound and whenever Daddy says "pound clown" you throw up your fist.

Sayler Jaye...I am just smitten with you.  I always find myself watching you and listening to you and thinking what an individual you are.  You are not a "mini me" you are not your Daddy are you 100%.  I love that about you and I hope that I honor your spirit and your unique personality every day of your life and make sure you feel safe, secure and proud to be just you all of the time.

Every minute of every day...loving you and proud to be your Mama.

Love you,