Thursday, December 11, 2008

Off the Bench and in the Game

So here I am...finally taking the leap from reading to writing. It's intimidating, daunting, but exciting too. I am in awe of the authors of the bogs I follow. They are much more eloquent, witty, poignant and compelling than I could ever be. Yet, I am still drawn to share here. I am pulled, led by something bigger than my own will to share my life, my words, my joys and share me.

I am setting some ground rules for this little blog o' mine.
  1. Brutal honesty
  2. Very limited editing...or I will edit myself right out of this thing all together.
  3. It's all game...all of it, even the ugly stuff.
  4. When I no longer feel led to do's over.
And now for the stats:
Stephanie Doss
34 years old
Irving, TX
Newly married to God's most amazing blessing "C"12/6/2008
Contract Manager
Born and raised in Lincoln, NE
Attended UNL for undergrad graduated 2002
Moved to Kansas City to attend UMKC School of Law graduated 2005
Trying to conceive our first child after a history of miscarriage
Blessed beyond measure...

I am filled with a passion and thirst for a stronger, bolder, more obedient relationship with God and my Savior Jesus Christ.

**OK here is where I break in and confess that I started writing this about 3 months ago and got scared that I was not entertaining or interesting on any level and I abandoned my poor baby blog. But I am back...and ready to rumble. Seriously Steph...stop taking yourself so seriously. And now back to our regularly scheduled program...**

So jumping in here and just floating down the stream of consciousness. I was struck today with how surprised I am that when I allow God to lead my life...He takes me to amazing places.

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