Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Memory lane...kind of like walking on hot coals if you ask me

Wow...can't believe I just posted those. Can anyone say awkward stage? I'm just putting it out there...adolescence is not a cute look. Especially when your mom thinks it would be a good idea for you to cut all of your hair off and get a perm in the 5th grade. Just kick the chubby, obnoxious, pre-pubescent kid while she's down why don't you!!! The years between 1986 and 1990 would not be considered my "glory days"'s cool, I'm over it...made my peace with my white girl jerry curl.

I share this humiliation for a good cause. I think I need an intervention or something...maybe a straight jacket. I at a bare minimum need your prayer. When Channing and I went through our membership class to officially join our church we were asked to indicate which of the ministries we would like to volunteer for. I perused the available options...elder care - No, Hospitality - No, Greeter - NO (makes me have flashbacks of the creepy greeter at the church I was raised in. And to add insult to the creepiness his name was Arnot Cumm...ewwwww), Choir - tempting, but No. Then I came to the youth ministry section. Thought about it for a minute...and checked the boxes. Yes, not only didI say I would volunteer for the Sr. High youth...but also the Jr. High youth. WHAT??? Yeah....not sure what kind of high Jesus had me on that day but they may need to check those wafers and grape juice for intoxicants...I'm just sayin'.

So I hadn't heard anything about it for a few weeks (and I must say I wasn't causing their phone to ring off the hook either). but then about a week ago the fateful call came. They wanted me to come in for an interview on Wednesday, March 4th at 9:00pm after the Youth Ministry service was finished. The woman I spoke with on the phone was very energetic and she told me she could just tell that she was going to love me and that I was going to be perfect for their Youth (ears can be very deceiving ma'am...think about how nice telemarketers sound). Channing just sat on the couch with an undetectable grin that only I can see when he is laughing at me. He signed up for umm the Football ministry, or the BBQ ministry...bringing glory to the Lord through ribs I guess :)

Anyway, this is a plea people. I need has been a while since I was surrounded by teenagers. I was a Campus Life leader in my early 20's but if you have read my post about my know that age sneaks up quickly, and it steals your patience for things like shrieking 13 year old girls, and a pack of boys that smell like wet dogs and onions!!! Look at the pictures want to know why barely any of those girls are smiling? Because they had even annoyed themselves by that point!!! As an aside, the pictures where we are all wearing those stylish caps were taken at Camp Kitaki. I believe they were encouraged as a tick repellent device...or in my case a bad perm alternative.

Oh Lord, give me a servant's heart. And if You should call me to serve You with these youth could you please keep the shrieking and BO to a minimum? Amen.

My friends, all prayers and Xanex are welcome :)

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