Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Top 10 percentile...FINALLY!!!

I lived 3 full years of my life with a ranking tied around my neck like an albatross (let me pause and tell you that I recently learned that the term albatross round your neck is a statement taken from biblical times where those that were found guilty of murder had the victims of their crime chained to their bodies and the murderer had to witness the corpse rotting as a part of their punishment...yikes!!! Pharaoh was no joke!!!). I digress...shocker. while in law school we were ranked. Every semester we got our new ranking as our grades were posted. It sucked...big time. I hated that index card in the sealed envelope with my name typed so neatly on the label. It was my make or break moment all neatly fit onto 3" x 5". I thought it was such a BIG wasn't, well not for me at least. For those 15-18 students that made up the top 10 percent, it was a big deal. For the remaining 162 of us...not so much. Anything under 10% were pretty much equally ranked once I got a taste of the real world...all that quivering at Pinky's desk for nothing!!!

I have coveted that top 10 percent for years now, and yesterday I received word that I finally made the grade. Channing and I are in our, "casting a wide net" season right now. We are looking at all of the options available for us to have a child and we are seeking out each and every one of them. We figure God has our baby, and it is our job to go out and find that little bundle. So we have an appointment with a fertility specialist on Thursday the 5th (Dr. Le), we are actively trying on our own, and we have submitted our application to an adoption agency. I submitted it last Wednesday and I got an email yesterday that we were pre-approved!!! YAY!!!!

I was thrilled that we were looked upon kindly by the committee, but I was even more shocked when I learned that this specific adoption center has over 200 applications per month from prospective adoptive parents and they only accept between 10 to 15. WHAT???? Do the math people...that means Channing and I are in the 5 - 7.5 percentile!!!! How you like them apples Pinky???

We don't know if adoption is what God has for us right now, but we are pretty sure at some point (even if we are blessed with a biological child) that we also want to adopt. I have been researching for a little while now, after hearing Hugh Jackman speak about his bi-racial adoption on the Barbara Walters special prior to the Oscars. Did you know that there are bi-racial/African American children turned away every month because there are not enough families to willing to adopt a child that is black or part black? Most agencies give adoptive families who are willing to adopt bi-racial or AA children a discounted rate (up to as much as $10,000 off of their normal fee) to adopt these precious children. Do you know how sick to my stomach that makes me? That any child would be "discounted" just so a family would be more willing to accept them. It hits especially close to home as our child (God willing) will be bi-racial. And that is seen as less than desirable...horrifying to me.

So we are open, and willing and patiently waiting for God to define our path. I may send Him a memo that we are in the top 10 percent...can't hurt right?

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Dank said...

God already knows you've made the top 10% beacause you've always been in his Top 10%. But then, everyone is in his Top 10%, not to put a wet blanket on it. BTW, you've always been in our Top 10 here at 4705 ( and at 433 as it was referred to back in the day). However, one has been known to get a bump in the polls when they bring a kid-let into the family, at least for a week or 2 before things even out. You have that too look forward to as well.