Monday, September 7, 2009

Isn't she lovely...isn't she wonderful???

Dear Sayler Jaye-

Mommy just wanted to show you what you have been up to the last few weeks. You have been growing and growing!!! Even though you still can't really tell from looking at Mommy's belly...lot's of people still say they can't tell I am pregnant and I am 7 months along. I wouldn't go that far, but I do have to say that I am not nearly as big as I always thought I would be. We still have 2+ months to go so maybe I will be eating my words in this last trimester. We went to the Dr. last Tuesday and got to see you with a 4D scan. Baby girl can I just tell you again how in love we are with you??? You are so beautiful and precious to us and seeing your sweet face and your little foot and toes and fingers was just the most miraculous and amazing gift. Here are some of the pictures we took of you that day:

I think you were irritated at this point hence the finger gesture :)

Here is your little foot. Mommy was just enamored with that little pig!!!

Here is your sweet face. You were sucking and showing off the whole time :)

We can't decide who you look like yet...but you sure are cute!!!

Here's Mommy and you at 26+ weeks...not sure how people can't tell you're a stowaway in there.
Mommy and Daddy have been very busy getting your room ready for you too. Here are some pictures of all that has been going on at our house getting ready to bring you home:

Here is your dresser with both your Husker and Hog onesies ready for you to wear on game day!

Mommy is very proud of your dresser as I hand painted the flowers on it. The pink pitcher and basin on top were your Great Grandma Marion's and Mommy kept those hoping that someday she would have a little girl and I would get to put them in her nursery...and now I!!!

We had your name monogrammed on your crib bumper and I LOVE IT!!!

We had your bedding custom made and Daddy and I think it is perfect for you.

Here is where you will be sleeping (hopefully through the night) very soon!!!

We have a very busy couple of weeks ahead of us. We are going to Little Rock to visit this weekend and your Aunts are having a baby shower for you on Sunday the 13th. Then the following week we are going to meet your pediatrician to ask him all of the questions we have about how to take care of you and make sure you are healthy. Then we leave for Kansas City for a baby shower Mommy's friend Shelly is having for you. Then the next day we are going to ANOTHER baby shower for you in Lincoln that Mommy's Aunt Vonnie and cousins Jenny and Chris are throwing for you. Whew!!! You are a popular little girl my love...there are just so many people that are so excited for you to get here so they can love on you and spoil you rotten. Daddy and I are the most excited of everyone though...we talk to you and sing to you and Daddy kisses Mommy's belly every single day. We can't wait to be able to kiss your sweet face!!!

OK better wrap it up now baby girl. I will post more pictures of all of your presents after we get back from Baby Shower-palooza!!!

Love you to the moon,

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