Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The home stretch...mark

OK baby girl...we're almost there. 5 more weeks and both of our worlds are going to be turned upside down (yours will literally be turned upside down as you are chillin' head down right now!!!). Here are some things that have been going on for the last few weeks:

1. We had 3 baby showers for you!!! Yes 3!!! You got so many great things and we think we have most of what you are going to need for your big arrival. You are so blessed to have such generous friends and family already.

2. I think you doubled in size over night!!! You are getting so big and making your presence know at all times. You are a very active little girl and are kicking me constantly with a lot of vigor!!! You also move around a lot and Daddy thinks it is so funny to watch you move around in my stomach (yes you can see all of your wiggling from the outside). Daddy loves to put his hand on my stomach throughout the night and feel you amaze him on a regular basis.

3. You weigh about 5 - 5.5 lbs. Mommy thinks you are going to be about an 8 lb. baby when you are born. The Dr. says you are in the 60th percentile which is good. Not to little and not to big. Mommy is still hoping that you will be born on or around the 18th as Dr. Livingston said he will induce my labor up to a week before if I am dilated at least 1 cm. Mommy DOES NOT want to be in the hospital on Thanksgiving as Grandma will be here cooking up a storm and trust me baby girl...we DO NOT want to miss out on those yummies!!! But nothing is more important than you so whenever it is safe for you to come out and meet us...then that is when it will happen. We are just so excited for you to get here!!!

4. Daddy is leaving tomorrow for his big celebration in Las Vegas with 2 of his friends. Daddy is turning 30 on Friday and he is ringing in this milestone in a big way. I think he is going to have a lot of fun...but Daddy is a little bit worried about leaving "his girls" for 4 days. I keep trying to assure him that we are going to be OK...but I anticipate a lot of phone calls and texts while he is gone. We love that though don't we? He is such a good husband and Daddy to us.

Mommy can't even express how excited she is for you to get here. My heart is SO FULL of love for you and I can't wait to see your little face, and your little toes, and find out if you have a full head of hair (Mommy was bald) and just look at how precious and beautiful you are. You are the miracle of our lives baby girl and we are just so proud to be your parents.

See you soon Little Miss,


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