Thursday, January 21, 2010

2's Company!!!

Sayler Jaye-
You are 2 months old and I am trying to figure out how that happened!!! I remember you turning 2 weeks old and being so sad and now you are 2 months old and I feel like I better strap on my seatmelt because this is going to fly by and pretty soon Daddy and I will be dropping you off at college...tear!!! OK can't even talk about that right now. Let's talk about what you are up to:

  • You are growing out of all of your newborn and 0-3 month clothes and are starting to transition into your 3-6 month stuff.
  • You still wear a size 1 diaper.
  • You eat between 7 and 8 bottles a day 3-4 ounces each. You are a good eater and definitely let us know when you are hungry. You start sucking on your fists and doing these grunting noises which turn into full blown wails if we are taking too long.
  • We took you to your 2 month appointment this morning with Dr. Paruolo and you weighed 12.6 pounds and were 23 inches long. That is 75% for height and 90% for weight!!! We were so happy that you were growing so well. Dr. Paruolo said you were perfect (which we already knew) and that Mommy and Daddy were doing a great job.
  • You still take medicine for your reflux but we had to change it because the old medicine wasn't doing the trick. You take 1ml of Zantac twice a day. It tastes so nasty but you suck it right down like a champ.
  • You have gotten over your loathing of bath time and now Mommy thinks you actually like it. I have even caught you smiling at yourself in the mirror a few times. It makes me so happy as I want you to have fun in the bath every night as a part of your routine.
  • You are not sleeping through the night yet, but you are still on a great schedule. Mommy asked some of her friends on Facebook advice about their experiences and I am going to go forward with the following plan. Getting you up at 7:00am for your first morning feeding and then feeding you at 10,1, and 4. Then waking you up at 6:30 for as long as you are taking your evening nap and giving you a bath, then bottle then books then bed. Mommy then gets you up at 10pm for a dream feed and puts you right back down. Hopefully within the next 4-6 weeks you will start stringing together 6-8 hours at a time...but I still don't mind snuggling you in the middle of the night (as soon as I pry my eyes open :)
  • You are really starting to smile a lot...and started doing it about 7-8 weeks. Especially first thing in the morning (you are a morning girl so Mommy knows you get that from your Daddy because Mommy hates the morning time and always has!!!). It melts my heart when I will get close to you and start talking to you and you will give me the biggest smile....ohhhh I could just buy you a pony when that happens!!! You are also starting to coo and make lots of little noises when you are happy or excited. You love when Mommy and Daddy play the tongue game with you (sticking out our tongue at you and then putting it back in out mouth over and over again). You get so excited about it and try SO hard to stick your tongue out too. You have done it a couple of times and we clap and praise you!!!
  • You get so fussy when you have burps stuck in your belly (which happens a lot). Mommy has to burp you for so long to try and work it out. But as soon as that stinky burp slips out you are happy as a clam.
  • You have such trouble sleeping on your back and I think it has a lot to do with how uncomfortable you were when you were really struggling with your reflux. So we bought you this sleep positioner that has 2 wedges and we position you on your side. Dr. Paruolo sadi that was perfectly fine and you sleep really well in it. Mommy still puts her hand on your back all night long to make sure you are still breathing. I think I will probably do that until you are 25!!!
  • Your hair is getting SO long and starting to curl on the top of your head. I can't wait to see your sweet curls as your hair grows and grows.
  • You LOVE Baby Einstein videos and it is so fun watching you watch them. You get so excited when certain things come onto the screen.
Sayler...Mommy loves every single day with you and has never been happier in my whole life than I am right now caring for you. You are the light of my life birdie!!!

Love you forever,

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