Friday, February 26, 2010

3 Months Old!!!

Sayler Jaye are three months old and Mommy has no idea how that happened!!! The time is flying by and some days I just want to stop the clock and slow it all down for a while. You are the light of Mommy and Daddies life and we cannot get enough of you!!! Here are some things you are doing lately:

  • You are still in a size one diaper...but you would probably be just fine in a size 2. Mommy just has a ton of size one so we are trying to use those all up!!!

  • You are eating 4 ounces of formula about 7 times a day with a big 5 ounce bottle at bedtime.

  • You have an established bedtime routine that we do every night starting at around 6:30pm. It is bath, bottle, bed and you are usually knocked out by 7pm. Daddy and I want to extend this gradually so that we are starting your bath at 7:30pm. We just don't get enough time with you during the day to put you to bed at 7pm.

  • You love your bath and are starting to splash around in the water a little bit. You also love when Mommy rubs you down with lotion and gives you a little massage. Whenever we get you out of the bath Mommy wraps you in a towel and lays you down on her bed and rubs you dry with the towel and sings this little song to you. It goes, "we're gonna warm this baby up...we're gonna warm this baby up. We're gonna warm her up, we're gonna warm her up...we're gonna warm this baby up!!!" Sometimes you love it and sometimes you are ready to move on to the bottle part of our routine :)

  • You still hate to get dressed. Sleeves are the bain of your existance!!! You hate when Mommy puts your arms in and out of any sleeves and you fuss until it is over.

  • You have started cooing all the time. You just started one day when Mommy to you to Kroger to go grocery shopping. We were walking down the aisle and you just started saying, "whoooooo whoo whooooooooo." I love hearing you do this little hoot owl routine and try and get you to do it all the time.
  • You still love playing on your play mat and are really good at grabbing the toys and holding on to them. You will stay on the mat for 30 minutes to even an hour sometimes playing.
  • You are really in to trying to put your fingers in our mouth. If we open our mouth in front of you many times you will reach your hand up and try and grab at our is so cute.
  • You have also started putting things into your mouth when you get them into your hands. You love your purple softy and your bunny and you are always trying to suck on them.
  • The biggest change this month is that Mommy went back to work on February 22nd and you started going to daycare during the day. It was a very hard day for Mommy and Daddy as we just want to hold you and snuggle you all day long...but that doesn't pay the bills does it baby girl??? You go to Bright Start Leadership Academy and it is just a couple of miles from our house in the subdivision just down from ours. Ms. Mariah cares for you during the day and she is such a blessing to us. She sends us pictures and text message updates all throughout the day and spoils you with hugs and kisses all day long. There are lots of other kiddos there that you love to watch (Samuel, Desi, Eugene, Jake and Micha). We know that as you grow you will love going to Mariah's and will have a special bond with her.
Well sweetie that is all Mommy can think of for now. I just love you so much more than I ever understood was possible and seeing you grow and change is the joy of my life!!!

Love you,

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