Monday, April 19, 2010

5 Months Old!!!

Sayler Jaye Doss this is getting out of hand!!! How did you get to be SO big??? It makes Mommy so happy and sad at the same time. Last night Daddy and I were looking back at some videos of you from a few months ago and I got all choked up just looking at how little you were and how much you have changed in such a short period of time. Even your little voice is different...I just don't think I was cut out for all of this growing up stuff. I'd prefer to be in charge of when you grow and change and I have reached the end of my comfort if you could push the pause button right about now I would appreciate it. However, no matter what you will always be Mommy's little tiny!!!

Here's what you have been up to lately:
  • You weigh somewhere between 16 and 17 pounds. We don't go back to the Dr. for 3 more weeks so I won't have your official "weigh in" until then...but for now unofficial will do.
  • You are pretty long, but you can still fit into your 3-6 month clothes...but barely. I think in a week or two Mommy will have to add a lot more items to the storage box holding all of your clothes that don't fit anymore. I HATE doing makes me so sad to pack away all of your sweet little outfits knowing you will never wear them again. But, Mommy does get to buy cute new outfits for you to wear so I don't stay sad for long.
  • You wear a size 2 diaper during the day and a size 3 at night. The 2's were leaking at night so we had to go up a size. I will be excited when you can start wearing Huggies Overnights but they start at a size 4 and that is a bit to big for you still.
  • You are sleeping through the night every night...PRAISE JESUS!!! Mommy is so proud of you. Daddy was out of town last weekend and I bit the bullet while he was gone and did "Sleep Sense" sleep training with you. The first night you cried and fussed for about an hour and a half off and on...and ever since that night you have been sleeping between 10 and 13 hours straight. I had to do the sleep training while Daddy was gone b/c he would never have let you cry for that long and would have rescued you. And Mommy would have still been getting up to feed you 2 ounces twice a night when you are a Freshman in college!!! You are Mommy's big sleeper and I am just so proud of you and how well you sleep. You take great naps at home and at daycare. You never fuss when we put you in your pack n' play you usually just lay your head down, put your thumb in your mouth and go right to sleep. Sometimes you "toot" around for a while and look around the room and lately you have been scooting all over your bed...but you never cry about going to bed and Daddy and I are so blessed to have such a good baby.
  • We have started feeding you rice cereal and strained veggies with a spoon and you are a champ already. You love seeing Mommy getting your bowl ready and know exactly what is getting ready to happen when you get into your highchair. You like to help Mommy and Daddy by grabbing our hand and helping to push it into your mouth...just in case we didn't know where you wanted the food to go. Ha! In the next 3 weeks Mommy is going to try and get you exposed to most of the vegetables, and then once you hit 6 months I will introduce the fruits. I'm no fool...I know if I would have given you any fruits first there is NO way you would have tried the veggies (like mother like daughter)!!! You are a great eater and are still taking between 20-24 ounces of formula each day in addition to 2 servings of veggies and rice. See for yourself here (password is Sayler2010).

  • Chowing Down with Daddy!!! from Stephanie Doss on Vimeo.

  • You are talking so much and your new favorite sound is this ahhh,ah,ahhhh,ahhhhh, ah sound you make in the back of your throat. It sounds like a little sheep and it cracks me up! You squeal with delight when Mommy and Daddy play "I'm gonna get you" and put our hands way up above you and bring them slowly towards you and then tickle you like crazy. You can be a total fuss bucket and if Mommy throws her hands in the air and plays "gonna get you" you smile from ear to ear and squeal. It is the best sound I have ever heard and I love knowing that I can make you laugh and smile. It melts my heart!!!
  • Here's the BIG announcement...We are moving to Kansas City!!! Mommy and Daddy got the green light from work (after a lot of tense negotiations behind the scenes) and we are moving in mid-June. Daddy went to KC last weekend and found us a house. We put in an offer ant they accepted it a day later. We are moving so we can be closer to Grandma and Grandpa and have lots of friends and family close by. We know you are going to be so happy living in KC and we can't wait to get there. Mommy is nervous about driving you to KC as it is going to be a long time in the car, and I doubt you are going to sleep the whole way like you did last time. But Grandma is flying down to make the drive with us, so hopefully between the two of us we will be able to keep you happy.
Oh my sweetie...I just cant tell you how much my heart loves you!!! When you go to bed at night I find myself missing you until I go to bed and lay right next to you. I don't know how I am going to move you to your own room when we move. Daddy might find me asleep on your floor in the mornings!!! You are my precious little tiny and I can't wait to see what miraculous things this month brings!!!


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