Thursday, April 8, 2010

4 Months Old!!!

Sayler are 4 months old!!! Actually you were 4 months old about 20 days ago...Mommy is very late getting this post up. I'm going to try and do a better job next month...but I have a lot of things to report on as you have been so busy this month!!!

  • First things are growing SO fast and getting SO big!!! We took you to your 4 month appointment and you weighed 14.85 lbs and were 26 inches long. Your weight was in the 75th percentile and your height was in the 97th percentile!!! Daddy and I are not sure where the height thing comes from as we are not tall...but you are growing like a weed my sweet!!!
  • You are doing great at daycare and Ms. Mariah and Ms. Harriet love you so much. They spoil you and hold you all day long!!! The other kids think you are the little princess and yesterday when I went to pick you up a little boy named Blake told me I was not allowed to touch the baby! Ha!!! I think he must get told that a lot all day long!!!
  • We have had lots of visitor's lately and you love all of the attention. Aunt Sharon (Boo) and your cousins Teesh and Nick came to visit you right after you turned 4 months old. Then Anut Sharon and Aunt Lisa came a few weeks ago to see you. You loved all of the kisses and attention and were such a good baby. Grandma and Grandpa came to celebrate Easter with us and spoiled you rotten!!! Grandma wanted to hold and snuggle you the entire time she was here...and you definitely let her!!! We had a great holiday and you were so good while Grandma and Grandpa visited. Hopefully we will spend every Easter together from here on out.
  • You are teething and it is no fun. Your two bottom teeth have been giving you grief now for a few weeks but they haven't popped through yet and Mommy has heard from several people that it may take months for these first teeth to actually break through. YUCK!!! We are giving you Ryland's teething tabs, motrin, and Orajel to help you through it. You seem to be doing a little better...I think you are getting used to it. But you drool like a faucet and you chew on everything you can get your hands on. Mommy can't wait until your little mouth isn't causing you so much pain.
  • Your sleeping has seen the highest of highs...and the lowest of lows this month. We started sleep training you the day you turned 4 months and that slept through the night!!! From like 6:30pm - 4:45am...and then Mommy just patted your back for a little bit and you fussed for a while, but you fell back to sleep until about 6am. For the next week or so you did AMAZING with your sleep. One night you slept from 6:50pm - 6:15am straight through without making a peep!!! After about 10 days of this awesome experience...your teeth decided th throw a big old wrench in things and you have regressed...A LOT!!! You are up 2 or 3 times a night and Mommy does not see it ending any time soon. Dr. Paruolo said that we should wait to try and cry it out methods until you are closer to 6 I guess Mommy and Daddy will white knuckle it through with you until you are a little bigger.
  • You are changing SO much every single day. You smile all the time. Mommy loves when I go pick you up from daycare and as soon as you see my face you give the biggest smile!!! You are talking and cooing and squealing and we cannot get enough of it. You are just the sweetest thing and the best baby and we love you so much.
  • You have turned yourself over a few times in your bed...completely on accident, but when you find yourself flipped on your back you get a little freaked out and fuss and cry until Mommy flips you back on your belly. You just don't seem to interested in rolling over at this point, but we are still working on it.
  • We let you watch "Your Baby Can Read." For 30 minutes several times a week. You seem to like it and it keeps you entertained and who knows...maybe you will be reading Hamlet at 3 years old!!! Ha!
  • Grandma fed you your first serving of rice cereal while she was here and you did great. We need to work with you more on your eating with a spoon, but on most nights you are just too tired to try it. But we will get there.
Well my little sweet pea that is all I have for now. Mommy can't express to you how much we love you and how much you light up our lives every single minute!!! We can't get enough of you!!!

Love, Mommy

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