Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Straight Up Weirdy

Want to know a deep, dark secret about yours truly?  Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.  I refuse to use lol. Refuse.  Me just typing it back there, 8 words ago, is the first time I have  ever typed that acronym in my life.  I have said and typed "laugh out loud" several times, maybe hundreds...but I refuse to use the acronym (see, I'm refusing right now. Referring to it as "the acronym"...apparently I'm more comfortable referring to "the acronym" in the 3rd person).

Wonder why that is? I use other acronyms freely.  I enjoy the acronym immensely (the acronym as opposed to "the acronym"...as to not confuse).  I even use the new wave acronyms all the kids are using like, OMG, IKR, NP, WTF (sorry Mom), and a plethora of other hip acronyms are all a part of my vernacular.

What did "the acronym" ever do to me?  Nothing.  Not one thing.  Other than to make it easier to express my current state of hilarity.  Poor wittle guy.  

And here's the point in the post where I once again realize, "I'm so weird..."

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