Sunday, August 21, 2011

I demand a refund

Shortly after Sayler was born we bought the "Your Baby Can Read" dvd's off of Craigslist as a part of our plan to create a genius child who can read Shakespere at 3 and allow us a very early retirement desire to have educational programming for Sayler to watch.

She used to watch them all the time but we haven't for about a year now.  So today while we were playing in the toy room I decided to put in the starter dvd and she actually really liked watching all of the pictures and words.  So then I whipped out the flash cards and started going all Tiger Mom on her letting her play with them.

Then I came upon the following flashcards that have me doubting the success of this program:

Wait for it...

We're waiting to submit her MENSA application until we can fully assess the damage.

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rebecca said...

Your blog is so adorbale. I hope you don't mind me becoming a follower. I'm from Missouri as well, but moved out of Columbia to Florida. I can't believe they wrote down zebra wrong. I would be pissed!