Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer lovin'...had me a blast! - June 2011

We have had a busy summer and I am just now getting around to blogging about it! Pitiful.  My whole life I have been told I talk too much...but apparently that doesn't translate into blogging.  I need to find a way to have this blog read my mind an just automatically post.  Wait...that probably would not be a great idea.  Lots of crazy talk goes through this noggin all day long.  Best to keep that under wraps.  So while I can still remember what we did this summer I will give a quick recap:

Say and Daddy took advantage of the beautiful weather and flew a kite in the backyard (Daddy continued to fly the Princess kite all by himself LONG after Say lost interest! Ha!)

Oh how I love those chubber legs running all around!

Nana and Papa bought Sayler a cool new sandbox and she was way into "mess" as she called it.  She could not believe we were letting her dig in the "mess" with no repercussions.

My Midwest girl in all her corn-on-the-cob eatin' glory.

We took our first family vacation to visit the Beckman's in Indianapolis and Sayler had so much fun with her cousins.  She still walks around the house talking about Ayba (Ava), Nick, and Nenny (Jenny).

Sayler and Ava playing in the sand table. 2 diva's for sure!

Is this not the most precious picture ever? The 3 Musketeers!!!  Sayler loved riding on the boat! 

Like mother like daughter...we both LOVE going fast.  Sayler kept saying "mo ayah" (more air) she loved the wind in her face!

This is what happens when Uncle Jim let's us take the boat out by ourselves, Captain Ava!!!

Sayler loved standing at the very front of the boat...until, she figured out that gate could open.  Then she wanted to sit on the seat with Mommy.

All the girl cousins enjoying the boat ride.

Daddy caught lots of fish and was pretty proud of himself.

We went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum which is the largest children's museum in the world and Sayler had so much fun.  She just jumped right in and loved all of the cool activities.

Looking at Daddy through the tunnel debating whether or not to crawl through.

Sayler and Ava playing in the garden.

Sayler refused to put on the rain coat that was required for the water table we didn't last long at this station :)

We took our first trip to Deanna Rosa Children's Farm one afternoon and it was so much fun.  It is this awesome place in Overland Park that is designed to depict a turn of the century farmstead.  Sayler loved all of the animals and was very interested in a cow that was mooing very loudly out in her pen.  She kept mooing right back at her!

Feeding the hungry goat some grass.

Sayler liked the goats as long as they were stationary.  The minute one of them started moving she was not a fan.

Say sneaking into the fridge and taste testing the strawberry cream pie I made.

Yummy pie mommy!

June was so fun and the Summer just got busier after that.  Will update with our July tomorrow!

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