Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maesyn 2 Months Old

Mae!  You are 2 months old

Weight:  11 lbs 9 oz (your sister was 12 lbs 6 oz)

Height: 22 3/4 inches (your sister was 23 inches)

Eating: 4 ounces every 2-3 hours. 

Sleeping:  You are a sleeping rockstar. You cat nap through the day (I think lately you are so curious about what is going on you won't let yourself take very long naps) but at night you will sleep between 4-7 hours at a time.  We are getting into a nice little schedule where we put your sister down to sleep at around 8pm and then we change you, swaddle you and feed you (we meaning me :) and then rock you for 20-30 minutes and lay you down for the night by 9pm.  You will then sleep until about 3 - 4am. When you do wake up to eat you suck down your bottle and then go right back down.  So grateful for you sleeping. You are a true team player little mama!!!

What you like: Your sister!  You cannot and will not take your eyes off of her when she is around.  When she and I give you your bath at night (which you LOVE by the way...hallelujah!) you will only look at Sayler.  You pay me absolutely no mind.  She eats it up and just loves you to pieces.  You are starting to smile all the time and are happiest when you just wake up (unlike the other Doss ladies in the house). I was blowing raspberries at you today and you wanted to laugh so badly but just couldn't get it out.  I know it is coming soon.  You still love the ceiling fan and are starting to like your play mat and the other play gym that you can look up at.

What you don't like: Anyone walking away from you for even a split second.  You throw a hissy fit!  You also get so mad after you are done taking a bottle and I turn you around to pat your back and burp you...I have no idea why this irritates you so, but you definitely are not shy about letting me know it! You are starting to startle at loud noises and your sister is always asking, "My bang dis Mama? bang dis?" To check and see if she can make a loud noise while you are in the room.

You continue to be the most laid back and easy baby. We love you to pieces and could not imagine spending even one day without you!  Here is a picture of your sister at the same age and though I still think you girls look are definitely coming into your own unique self.  You are both the most beautiful girls in the world to your Daddy and Mommy!  Can't wait to watch all of the amazing things you are going to show us in the months to come.  We LOVE you little Mae Mae <3  


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