Monday, July 9, 2012

Out of the mouth of Say!!!

Sayler Jaye!!!  here are some funny things you have been saying and doing lately:

  • You always want to make sure we know what emotions you are having. So the other day you walked up to me arms crossed across your chest and face all scowled up and said, " make-ah me mad!!! See my face?" then you pointed in between your eyebrows to show how furrowed it was and said, "my face is mad at choo!!!"
  • Sayler "Mama!!!  I got an owe-ee!!!" Me: "You did? How?" Sayler: "Ummm...Maesyn pushed me down the stairs."
  • "Daddy...I got booty shorts on!" Then her Dad almost had a stroke.
  • You have trouble saying words that have double o's (book, cookie) and I love to hear you say these words.  They sound like this: "Mama can you read me some burkes?" Or "Mama...can I have a curkie?"  Nothing cuter than 2 year old speech impediments :)
  • " and you are in charge and we da boss. Daddy not da boss...Daddy doesn't know. Right?"
  • "Maesyn Sidney're not gonna do any of dat fuss-a-fuss-a-fuss!!!"
  • You love to know who gave you things and are always asking, "Who div me dis?" The other day you asked your Dad and he said, "Your Aunt Bunny gave you that." (we all call my Aunt Vonnie, Aunt Bunny...always have). So you came running out to find me carrying this bear and said, "Mama!!!  Mama!!!  My honey bunny div me dis!!!" Heart melted for sure.
  • "Mama...let's get some Mickey goin'."  You say this when you want me to turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Whenever you go to open the door to the toilet in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom you put your hand over your nose and mouth covering them completely.  I asked you why you were doing that and you said, "Cuz Daddy stinks!!!"
I really need to write these down when they happen because there are a million more.  Your Dad and I just laugh and laugh all day long at the funny things you say and do. You are surely our entertainment and we just love you to pieces my sweet, sassy 2 and 1/2 year old drama queen :)

Love you birdie,

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