Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leavin' On A Jet Plane!!!

Channing and I took a vacation last week to Riviera Maya, MX.  It was the first vacation we had taken together since Sayler has been born and we needed it like a fat kid needs cake!!!  I almost had a full on panic attack pulling out of the driveway leaving my sleeping baby...but her Nana took good care spoiling her and allowing her to break all of the rules while we were gone so my worrying was wasted energy as they both had a blast together while we were gone.  Warning...very picture heavy post to follow. Sorry for that but I will never remember if I don't get it logged in the trusty blog.  We stayed at the El Dorado Royale and I cannot say enough good things about it.  A good friend of mine from law school recommended it and it was 5 star all the way.  The food, the service, the accommodations, the property...AMAZING!!!

So here we go...

We had private transportation to and from the resort and we felt like rock stars!

Here are a few shots of the room...we got upgraded to the
 Casitas portion of the resort and the rooms were so beautiful

Hot tub...we didn't use it once

Private outdoor shower

Covered patio

View from the back of our room and our private patio

Standing on our patio looking at the pool and swim-up bar we shared with 6 or 7 other Casitas

Beach about 30 yards from our room...paradise

We had been at the resort for about 30 minutes at this point...I got down to business (virgin daiquiri for all questioning why the preggo was throwing them back :)

We met these cute honeymooners in the lobby and hit it off!  She just graduated law school and is awaiting her bar results...fingers crossed for you Mrs. C :)

1st night dinner at the Italian restaurant...yummo.

The following 2 pictures will pretty much sum up what we did on our vacation...back and forth, back and forth.

Fun night out at the theater where they had shows and a band.

There were golf cart shuttles all over the resort that would take you wherever you wanted to go...I usually told them to take me to the place I could get nacho's :)


He loves Mexico

We spent most of our vacation here....

  Or here.  It was brutal I tell you. We often had to take
 naps in the middle of the day to maintain our taxing schedule.

Channing was convinced after seeing the "Cirque De Soleil" 
type show that he could climb this poll no problem.  I made him put his money where his mouth was...

This was as far as he got.

More fruity drinks.

Soaking up every drop of Mexico.

Our Casita's private pool and swim-up bar.

The beautiful grounds of the resort.

Last night out with our new friends.

On our way to the airport...

Bye Bye Mexico...see you in a few years.

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1momof3boys said...

Fun, fun!! I wanna be just like ya'll when I grow up!! ;)