Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's the little things...

...that drive me crazy.  I have decided to vent a few things that are currently driving me to drink...if I drank, which I don't, but these things are pushing me to reconsider.

1.  A parenting website I check in on once in a while dedicated an entire post on the evils of the word "No."  And how a less harmful option is saying "No Thank You."  Pushover said what???  I'm just putting it out there...if you heed that advice I foresee this in your future. Just sayin'...it's a slippery slope.
Spoiled Child Slaps & Chokes Mother In Public For Toy

2.  We went to our neighborhood block party on Saturday and it was a lot of fun sitting and chatting with our neighbors Ms. Linda and Mr. Gene.  Coincidentally Ms. Linda and Mr. Gene are the parents of Sayler's babysitter Dana (whom we adore and who looks like a super model each and every day when I go to pick up Sayler...I would hate her, if I didn't like her so much!!!).  There was a bounce house, and face painting and these...

Just pasting that picture into the text box made my creep-o-meter go off the charts.  Why would the home owner's association ruin a perfectly good block party by tainting it with clowns?  Needless to say I kept my child far, far away from the creeper clowns...I was afraid someone might call CPS had I taken her over to the clown station as that is just straight up child abuse.

3.  Dear Mr. DJ,  Next time you are hired to provide your DJing services for a neighborhood block party please leave your Soulja Boy at home.  I'm not positive but I am pretty sure it is still considered inappropriate to encourage 5 year old children to dance to a song where one of the main lyrics is "Super soak dat ho."  Call me old fashioned but Niel Diamond has some catchy tunes...or throw all caution to the wind and bust out some Lionell Richie...you can't go wrong with a little Dancin' on the Ceiling. It's a fan favorite.

4. The Duggar's.  Nuff said.

5.  Why do people on Facebook like their own status?  Isn't that a bit redundant? (I'll have you know I just had to go to Thesaurus.com to find the word redundant. Obviously the 7 years of college and law school education have paid off in spades...seriously).

6.  Getting to number six in a list of ten and having absolutely nothing else to write.  It is not OK to end a list at six.  Five...fine.  Ten...terrific.  Six...pathetic.  So I push forward my friends.  I'm sure you are overcome with joy.

7.  DVR...I will kill you.  If you cut off one more TV show in the final 2 minutes you will be dead to me.  I'm not sure what I will do to you as you are the wind beneath my wings.  But I foresee some harsh words and dirty looks coming your way in the near future if I miss the scenes from next week for any Real Housewives programming ever again.

8.  We moved into our house over 2 months ago and all of our shoes are still in suitcases sitting in our closet.  What does this reveal to me?...my reliance on flip flops for any and all occasions may need some rethinking.

9.  Progressive.  We all hate Flo.  Wrap it up why don't you?

10.  I thought all day today that it was Thursday.  And then pacified myself by saying "well I was only one day off."  Next thing you know I will have a little post-it on the fridge that says, "In case of emergency dial 991."

 Tylenol PM...here I come lover ;)


Lisa Stolzenburg said...

Seriously Steph I wish you had time to write this every day, I look so forward to you blogs. You crack me up, I think in another life you were a comedian, LOL's coming from this gal, and I'm not even hip to that lingo.

Take Care
Lisa Stolzenburg (Keel)

Lisa Stolzenburg said...

My typing skills are less than stellar at 5am. I meant to say
'I look so forward to Your blogs." :) Had to clarify, hate grammar/typing errors.