Sunday, August 8, 2010


We had a great weekend and I am sad it is coming to an end.  My parents stopped by on Saturday before they headed  to the airport to drop off the coolest 11 year old on the planet Reese.  We are sad to see him go back to San Diego but we know his Mom and Dad were missing him something awful...we can't wait to spend some time together again soon.

Sunday, one of my best friends and mentor Steph Johnson stopped by on their way back to Lincoln after giving summer one last hurrah in KC with her girls and husband Mitch. I was Steph's nanny for 3 years beginning when the girls were 1 and 2.  Now they look like this:

Schyler 14

Kennedy 13

Excuse me while I go have an emotional breakdown for a minute or two...and take my daily dose of Geritol.  Holy decade Batman!!!  How did that happen???

Anyway, this family is just an amazing example of how to do it all right.  If Sayler turns out to be as sweet and respectful and loving as these girls...I will be so proud.  They are great girls with great parents and I just love being around them.  Their joy is infectious.

And here is something else that is infectious (the good kind...not the free clinic kind)

YAYYYYYY!!!! from Stephanie Doss on Vimeo.

She is just a spoonful of sugar isn't she???  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!!!

Have a great weekend ya'll...

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