Thursday, September 23, 2010

No extra credit awarded...

This one is going to be quick and dirty friends...kind of like a drive by blog.  But I just need to put this out into the universe.  People...please stop demanding credit for things you're supposed to do.  Let me give you some examples of things people say to justify their behavior that make me want to flip a table Real Housewives NJ style on them:

  1. "I pay my child support."  Well whoop de doo!!!  Let's call the mayor and schedule a ticker tape parade for you STAT!!!  You're supposed to pay your child support guy/gal...and I would guess you're legally mandated to do so.  So don't go getting a stress injury while patting yourself on the back for this one. YOU.ARE.SUPPOSED.TO.PAY.YOUR.CHILD.SUPPORT!!!
  2. "I've never been in jail." Well hot sauce...let's cancel Christmas!!!  And make sure you call ABC as I am positive they are going to want to get you signed up as the next Bachelor.  Guys like you are tough to find.  Ridiculous. You get no gold star for not going to jail.  YOU.ARE.SUPPOSED.TO.STAY.OUT.OF.JAIL!!!
  3. "At least I'm not out there cheating."  Heh???  Well at least she didn't punch you in the face for just saying that. YOU.ARE.SUPPOSED.TO.BE.FAITHFUL.IN.YOUR.MARRIAGE!!! 
  4. "I get up and go to work every day."  Yeah, see this is actually a pre-requisite for hiring you.  They actually assumed upon hire that you would be there to do your job...every day.  Isn't that something?  You're an adult...that means YOU.ARE.SUPPOSED.TO.GO.TO.WORK...EVERY.DAY!!!
Sorry for the rant...I'm a little unruly today.  The public annoys me on occasion.  Here's a picture of my peanut to ease the hostility of this post ;)

 Sure wish those thigh creases were as cute on her mama as they are on her!!!

Love ya'll!!!

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