Sunday, September 12, 2010

A very merry "un" birthday

Last year on this day at this time I was on the verge of a full on panic attack.  You see...I thought it would be a good idea to throw my husband a surprise party for his 30th birthday.  Before I knew it I was in the throws of dirty thirty party planning.  One day driving home from work I was having a serious discussion with myself in the car. It went a little something like this, "Ummm...I'm going to be 30 weeks pregnant on September 12th, that should be really attractive. NOT!!!"  (I've decided I'm bringing NOT back.  I'm also going to try and revive schwing...join me won't you?).  "Ummm...the party is being held in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Little Rock, Arkansas is 350 miles away from where we live. So how are you going to be able to do anything at all that involves planning said party?"  "Ummm...Channing's birthday is on October 16th for all that is good and holy why are you throwing him a 30th birthday on September 12th???"  "Ummm...can you please stop talking to yourself? As I am concerned that your short layover in Anxietyville is going to land you permanently in Crazytown."  I don't talk to myself anymore.  Myself is to sarcastic for my taste.

Anywho...all of the anxiety was for not as the party was planned and executed without a hitch.  It was one of the best nights of both of our lives and we will remember it for many years to come.  We had some good clean fun that night folks.  It was a casino night theme and the event planner I hired Heather Pile...was IN.CRED.I.BLE!!!  Like I said, I was in Dallas planning a party in Little Rock.  I never did anything but write the check and walk into the party.  She did everything...every i was dotted, every t was crossed.  I got Channing to the party that night by telling him it was a wedding reception for a friend of mine from law school that had gotten married in Mexico and Little Rock was her hometown.  Heather went so far as to create a fake invitation to the reception and mailed it to us in TX just to give the story that much more legitimacy!!!  How awesome is that?  Pretty flippin awesome is the answer.  If you are ever throwing an event in Little Rock, AR contact Heather Pile will not regret it.

Join me on this stroll down memory lane on this the anniversary of my cute hubby's surprise "un"birthday party (the reason I planned the party for September 12th was because it was Arkansas' bye week and I knew more people would be able to come.  Why not throw it on his actual birthday you ask?  Well my husband thought he had a loser wife and friends that were not planning anything for his 30th birthday so he planned a Vegas trip with a few friends on the weekend of is real birthday...whoopsie daisies!!!)

Fake wedding invitation Heather made and sent to our home

Table cards

Center pieces

Grub table

Amazing poker table birthday cake

Need a closer look at that bad boy?  Here ya go...

Everyone waiting for the guest of honor

SURPRISE!!!  (It was pouring out...hence the wet shirt)

I could not believe everyone kept the secret a secret...especially this guy.  Channing's best friend Donovan ;)

Our friend Steph flew all the way in from Connecticut...she's special.  In an awesome kind of way, not a short bus kind of way.

Dale decided it would be a good idea to do his version of Vanilla Ice, "Ice Ice Baby."
Channing and John were his background dancers.  I was so embarrassed for them entertained by them.


Good times ya'll...

Make a wish "un"birthday boy!!!

Everyone was getting their soul train on.

And then this happened.  It was awkward amazing!!!

I laughed until I thought I would go into premature labor that night.

And it was worth every penny to see this guy smile...

Happy anniversary of your "un" birthday babe. Love you...mean it!!!


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Mrs Pile said...

Schwing! Thanks for the shout out!
I do travel for events too, so if you need me for anything, anywhere, just call my name... And I'll be there!

Had. A. Blast. Thanks for letting me be a part!