Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hold the Cheese Please

I love my little Say Say...Lord knows I do.  But my girl is killing me when it comes time for a photo shoot.  She will not smile for a picture to save her pea pickin' life!!!  Let me take you through a few painful photo montages that illustrate her unwillingness to cooperate with her mama:

Photo montage #1:  Husker Game Day Photo Op Disaster

"Say-Say...can mama take your picture in your cute Husker outfit?  Smile for mama baby..."

 Thanks but no thanks Mom...I'll just give my thumb a little lovin' here for an extra minute or two.

 Well look at that...all 5 fingers, still here.

 Throw your hands up....hollllaaaaa!!!

 I'm pretty sure she is throwing up some kind of gang sign here.

 Avert your eyes from the crazy squealing lady with the camera...just pretend to be interested in your hand.

 A girl sure could use a snack or sumpin...

 Shoot.  There aren't even any left over food remnants from last night's dinner for me to nibble on.

 Hey lady...make yourself useful and get your girl a snack.

It's so hard to get good service at this joint.

Photo Montage #2:  10 month picture debacle

"OK baby girl...it's time to take your 10 month picture.  Can you sit here for a quick second and look at mama and smile?"

 Daddy...this chic is not serious about me sitting down is she?

 Uggghhhhh...ya'll are driving me crazy!!!

 I think I'll gnaw on my crib for a spell.

 Hmmm...I wonder what's for dinner?

 Will the paparazzi ever leave me alone???

You guys do whatever you want...

I'm over it.

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