Monday, July 19, 2010

My girl likes to party all the time...

Ever since we moved to KC we have had quite the social calendar.  It is exactly why we moved back to the mid-west so we have been having a lot of fun catching up and meeting new friends.

A few weeks ago my best friend Shelly had a welcome home party for us at her house and it was so much fun.  Sayler got to meet her future BFF Katie.  My friend Bethany and I have decided to make these 2 enter into an arranged bestie situation...because we would love to ensure each of the 2 of them have friends with cool parents!!!
The first date...a bit awkward at first.

Katie wants to know who this crazy lady is holding her.

Then the Daddies got in the game...the girls will be mortified during this photo op in say 13 years or so.

Then this past weekend Sayler got invited to her first birthday party by her friend Samani.  He was turning 2 and had a birthday party at the Loose Park splash park.  Sayler was too little for the water fun...but I envision many weekends being spent running around like a maniac in the near future.  We had a lot of fun even though it was H.O.T hot.  And even though Sam's mom Holly had called the park twice to confirm the water was turned on at wasn't actually turned on until 11am.  So we had an hour to kill with the kids in the heat...but we made the best of it!!!

Holly brought the yummiest red velvet cupcakes and these sugar cookie cups that I am still fantasizing about.  

Sam taught that cupcake a lesson...'s hot out here.  Can I get a swig of your water please?


Pryor got in on the 10am cupcake action too

Look at all the sweaty mother hens clicking away

OK this cracked me up.  Look at proper little Miss Ellie with her legs crossed!!!

Mom...when is the water gonna be on???

What up my homie...just chillin with my Daddy.

Thank God Almighty...the water turner onner finally got there!!!

Let the wet and wild fun begin!!!  This is little Miles and he was fearless running around in the splash park.  He was just so precious.

Here is Sam.  I like to call Sam "The Lone Wolf." He's like, "look guys...I don't really need a wolf pack.  I'm pretty OK just rolling solo."  And that was what he did!!!

I tried to get Say in on the action...but she wasn't really too thrilled.

My law school classmate Tommy has a little girl Rosemary (RoRo) that was born one day before Sayler.  The girls just hung out with their Daddies and watched the splash silliness from the sidelines.

All of this partying sure does wear a girl out!!!

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