Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a girl wants

The following series of photos just tickles me.  

"Hmmmm...what's this sitting here all unsupervised and what-not?" 
(apparently in my mind my child's thoughts are akin to Miss Teen South Carolina)

"I think I'll just go ahead and scoop this up...it looks like it could come in 
handy for future endeavors including but not limited to 
My Little Ponies, American Dolls and/or Skittles."

"O.M.G.........can a girl get a little privacy puh-lease!!!"

"Dad...it's all good.  I'm just checking things out to make sure everything is as it should be up in here." (she also channels Lil' Kim too it seems).

"Phew!!!  I think he bought it...it's easy to get away with stuff when you are this cute and such as."


Ali {Mummahh} said...

She's very cute, and very Smart by the looks of it ;)

SassyAtty said...

Thanks! We think she's going to give us a run for our money. Thanks for following my blog too!!!