Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seven Months!!!

Say Say -
Mommy is a little late getting your 7 month post up.  Mostly because I am exhausted from chasing you around all day.  Little woman you are ON.THE.MOVE!!!  Much earlier than Mommy anticipated for sure!!!  You started scooting around commando style when you were 6 months old.  Slowly but surely you started wanting to crawl and about 1 week after we got to KC (June 24th or so) you started crawling around like a baby on a mission!!!  You now are pulling to stand and I just know that you will be walking by the time you are 9 or 10 months old.  Mommy was not ready for this...but I am so proud of you.  You are such a strong and determined little girl and I just sit back an marvel at all of your little milestones dropping like flies :)

Here are some other things that you have been doing:

  • You are in a size 3 diaper
  • You are still taking 3 or 4 bottles a hold your own bottle and just grab at it when Mommy or Daddy brings it anywhere close to you.
  • You LOVE food (shocker) and you haven't refused anything we have put in front of you.  Your favorites are:
    • Bananas (in your fresh food feeder)
    • Squash
    • Carrots
    • Pears
    • Applesauce
    • and don't forget the PUFFS!!!  You live for puffs...and you are so good at getting them pinched together in between your chubby little fingers and getting them into your mouth.  I laugh so hard when I see you lunge forward for the puffs once they hit your tray!!!
  • You still love to say dada dada da, and blow raspberries, but now you also like to say tsssst, and the funniest of all is when you see people eating anything you smack your lips together over and over as if to say, "ummmm...hello.  I'm sitting right here!!!"
  • You are a MANIAC in your walker that grandma bought for you.  We call it your Nascar and call you Dale Jr. because you are a speed demon.  Daddy and I really start laughing when you do your speed racer routine.  You push off with one foot and then the next and then you lift both feet up once you are going fast enough and just glide.  It is ridiculously hilarious.
  • Your 2 bottom teeth are fully in and you are cutting 4 teeth at the same time (top 2 and 2 more on the bottom)...OUCH!!!
  • You are riding in style in your new convertible car seat.  We got you out of the infant carrier a few weeks ago because your feet were getting ready to hang over the edge. Ha!  So we got you a new one and you seem to like it better.  You still HATE getting buckled in and out...but you like that you can turn your head to the side and see wither Mom or Dad in the front.  And I think you can see more out the windows too.  I can't believe you are already in a big girl car is just all going in fast forward it seems sometimes!!!
  • You are in your own room and sleeping in your crib full time.  You didn't skip a beat when we moved you to your crib and I think you like it better than the pack n play.  Mommy, however, is not so sure she likes it :)  I wish you were still sleeping right beside me so I could peek at you all night if I want to.  But I know it is the right thing and the right time for everyone to be in their own rooms. As I type this I am recovering from having to suffer through night one of cry-it-out boot camp.  It is way past due and it is time to stop going to you in the middle of the night to feed you and comfort you to get you to go back to sleep.  You need to know how to comfort yourself and at this point the nighttime bottle is a habit and not a necessity.  Of course on the night Daddy and I decide we are going to start CIO with you, you wake up an hour after we put you down (which you NEVER do) and cried for an hour before falling back to sleep.  Mommy went into her room and cried a little too.  It is SO hard to hear you cry because you never do.  But I know this tough love is what's best for you and I know you are going to get the hang of it very soon.
  • You love your new daycare and love Ms. Dana.  You have been a perfect angel and have won your way into Ms. Dana and Ms. Julie's hearts.  I know you are going to have so much fun there as you learn and grow.
Well that's all Mommy has for now.  I love my Sayler...oh yes I do.  I love my Sayler, oh yes it's true.  When you're not with me...I'm blue.  Oh Sayler I love you.

I love you baby girl,

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